Santo Mezquila

The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
The book of Revelations
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    Sammy and Adam

    Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine became friends over their shared love of tequila. One night on a beach in Cabo, Mexico, their creative juices were flowing and they combined mezcal with tequi­la, discovering a taste they could only describe as a revelation. They brought together an expert team to develop the perfect blend, and created, a higher spirit.

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    Jack Daniels, Marco Monroy and Infinium Spirits, true experts in the tequila world, each with decades of experience, were reunited with Sammy, the team behind the wildly successful luxury tequila brand, Cabo Wabo.

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Working with Juan Eduardo Nuñez, third genera­tion Master Distiller from the famed distillery, “El Viejito”, founded in 1937, we crafted and perfected the world’s first Mezquila, and, appropriately called it, Santo.

The distillery is located in the "highlands" of the state of Jalisco. "El Viejito" has received several awards, including the "National Quality Award" and has been integral in help­ing Santo perfect the blend of agave distillates.

Santo Puro Mezquila is an agave blend made from 100% Blue Variety Tequilana Weber agave and 100% Espadin agave (Angustifolia variety).

Santo’s intense agave aroma mixes with an earthy, light smokiness with a hint of herbs. The initial bite is mellow and fades gently while the full taste and finish elicits the intricate agave flavor and herbal complexity layered with gentle smoke, slight floral fruitiness and low saltiness.

A Higher Quality bottle

A Taste Revelation

When you experience the unique, smoky flavors, combined with the smooth, subtle flavors of Agave distillates, you'll have a taste revelation. Flavors on the palate explode with mouth filling richness and are nestled in a light, smoky-sweet finish.

There are still places your tongue has never been.

From a world without, we said, let there be light. For the true believer, the thirsty, the non-conformist, those seeking to transcend the night, a taste awaits you. One that awakens the senses, and enlightens the spirit. From this holy union, of mezcal and tequila, comes a true revelation. Seize the moment, drink from the cup,
and let your spirit soar.

A Higher Spirit

When two great spirits, mezcal and tequila, come together, a Higher Spirit is born. It’s for those tired of the usual, yearning for something different: a higher taste...a higher quality...
a higher experience.

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Introducing Santo.
The World’s First Mezquila.

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